Monday, July 30, 2012

Ahh...Rest Day!!

RUNS: Rest day! Instead I got to take Dakota to Urgent care for xrays and an air cast.

EATS: Nothing to eat in the am since I took Dakota soon after I got up. Then came home starving and not much food in the house. Luckily I did end up putting enough together to make this...
Mexican Cabbage
with crushed tortilla chips on top!

Then I baked some cookies for the week and muffins for the kids for breakfast. Trial mix cookies. PB Chocolate Chip Oaties. Date & Walnut Muffins.
My portion for snack
After my snack I packed up lunches for tonight and tomorrow. Mixed grains with PB and honey. Carrots and dip. Orange.

I will no doubt have another snack after that meal...just not sure what yet!

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