Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another rest day...

RUNS: Second rest day in a row. And then back at it tomorrow. My legs have been feeling great so I hope this rest is rewarded with a great run tomorrow!
OH. AND. Tomorrow is sign up for Stone Mill 50Miler!! I am so excited. I hope I get in. Wish me luck. It would be my first 50M!!

EATS: Breakfast was two of the Date & Walnut Muffins that I made yesterday. The recipe is from the good old Betty Crocker Cookbook with minor tweaks.

Then went to my work office for my annual review and came hope with a headache. So Rik made dinner which is our most favorite Trader Joes frozen Vegetable Fried Rice! I could easily eat a whole bag myself! 

We usually try to stretch it and make the meal more filling. So we have the great debate of what to eat with it though! We have mixed in chicken or scrambled eggs in the past. Not going to work today. So I swung by the grocery store and picked up some frozen veggie egg rolls. Bad idea. They were nasty! We ate them...but never again. Seriously, what do you eat with fried rice? Miso soup maybe?

For desert I had two more of the Trail Mix Cookies from yesterday. Then packed lunches for tonight and tomorrow. Riks lunch was already ready since he took another night off at the last minute last night. So I just threw together some leftover Mexican Cabbage. PB graham crackers. Carrots & dip. Orange.

Peace out until tomorrow...

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