Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Im IN!! Stone Mill 50M

RUN 1: Im IN! Im IN! Im IN!!! Yep, got all signed up for my first 50mile race. I really have no business running 50 miles this year. I really should be working on getting faster and stronger in the 50k first as I am a back of the packer. But honestly, I will turn 40 just after the race so I figured why the heck not try. I am going to give it my all in training and hope for the best. If something doesnt work out...Im only out $35. But I am in this thing 100%!!! Feel free to follow my journey as I try to document my training and eating over the next few months :-)

RUN 2: Yeah, I actually did run today! 4.5miles around Rocky Ridge this evening with Sheri & Kathleen. They are both training for fall marathons.

EATS: Today I actually had my "usual" breakfast of 1/2cup rolled oats with dried fruit and coconut almond milk. Im not a fan of cooked or warm oats. I occasionally will do overnight oats but again not really a fan of soggy oats. So recently with my low iron issues I knew I needed to get more oats in my diet. I decided to just try them cold. Throw the usual stuff on them and OMG! Exactly what I was going for! Cold, sweet and chewy! Try it and thank me later.

Then for dinner we had Summer Veggie & Hummus Pizza. Rik grilled up the veggies. Then you spread thinned hummus on a pizza crust and top with the grilled veggies. Grill the entire pizza until warmed thru. And then eat. Wait. What? You think that sounds gross? Maybe unamerican? Think about it. You like hummus. You dip veggies and pita chips into it right? Same thing except now put it all together!
Veggie Grillin'

Pizza grillin"
It was SO good after my run tonight! I quick packed up some lunches. Tonight we have a Beans & Rice type dish made with Adzuki beans, brown rice, shredded carrots, coconut milk, cilantro and sesame seeds. Celery & dip. Banana with PB! And a cliff bar "just in case".

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