Sunday, February 17, 2013

Quick weekly recap.

RUNS: After my long run last Sunday I have been really trying to listen to my body and recover smart. So I ended up biking TWICE this week. Once at the gym and another time outside. I actually worked out at the gym TWICE this week with weights as well. Oh, and I ran!

I kept my runs pretty light. Both Tuesday and Wednesday were beautiful outside and I wanted to run longer then the 5 miles I had told myself I would. Tuesdays run ended up being the second fastest time of a particular trail loop that I do. And then Wednesday I ended up running over 8 miles just because I was having a great time and my legs felt good.

That was probably a mistake because I really felt those extra miles on Thursday and ended up doing more of a walk/jog sort of thing around the neighborhood.

Hopefully I learned and will do better with that next week ;)
Running at dawn is just worth the early start to the day.
Especially when there is just enough snow to make it so beautiful out.
EATS: I have been doing really good in this department as well. As of today I still have 8 days until the end of my second round of Dietbet and am on track to reach my goal again.

The only thing that threw me off was Valentines Day because of this....
The CAKE! Not the watch. That was my Valentine gift.
I think I had about 3 or 4 pieces of that sugar filled goodness!

But I am still on track probably because the rest of the week was also filled with lots o' veggie goodness....
Huge salad!
Vegan Chili
So overall this has been a very positive week. I even managed to run my second 20 miler today (Sunday) and will be back tomorrow to tell you about it. (I got me some pineapples) Oh joy!


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