Thursday, December 13, 2012

Speed work. 12-12-12. Fast food.

RUNS: Still plugging away pain free (knock on wood). I did a little bit of speed work. Well, actually I just tried to run a flat course a bit faster then my usual slog. It didnt go so well. My legs were heavy from my weekend long runs still and there was quite a bit of wind at times. But whatever I got it done and I was not to disappointed in my results.
This is on a course that I used to be able to run 10mm so I have a little bit of work to do.

Then Wednesday was 12-12-12! So I decided to run 12k. I wasnt feeling 12 miles and thought the 12k was doable. I actually ended up running an 8 mile course that I ran just the week before and my overall pace was a whole 40 seconds per mile faster! Yay! Does running 12k on 12-12-12 bring me good luck now or what?!

Here is a pic of the first hill that I have to go up within the first half mile. Yeah, this will warm you up quick!
Pictures never do a hill justice.
Sometimes I can run the whole way up and other times I cant. Today I made it the whole way up!

YOGA: Yoga on Tuesday was pretty cool. There were actually 3 girls and 3 guys! Rik wasnt the only one! We have a sort of joke going about the Tuesday night teacher. At the end of class when we are laying in Shavasana she comes around and sprinkles the tiniest bit of baby powder (or something that smells like it) on you and the pushes your shoulders down, rubs your neck, moves your head around, etc. It is wonderful. Probably the best part of the class.

Rik and I call it "getting yoga". Well, the past two times I didnt get any yoga. The first time Rik wasnt there and I thought she just didnt do it that day. But this week he was there and I noticed that she passed over me! What?! I didnt get any yoga again! After class was over Rik said that he got yoga and it was awesome. I was sad and said I didnt get any. She passed right over me.

He asked if I had my hands facing up. What?

Evidently if you want "yoga" you need to have your hands facing up. How did I not hear this...twice?!?!

You can bet that I will have my hands facing up next week and I will get my yoga!

EATS: Fast food baby. Fast food. When we have running and yoga on the same night there has got to be something fast and easy for dinner. And this is one of our favorites...Sweet Baked Beans & Pasta Salad.
I used shredded cabbage instead of celery because I was out.

Sweet Baked Beans & Pasta Salad

Add some cheese if you like. But definitely add the paprika!
Wednesday evening with just a run on the schedule I ended up making Carrot & Quinoa patties for dinner since the are a little more involved. Actually they are alot more involved and if they werent so good I wouldnt even bother. I am really bad at making patties/burgers. They never want to stick together for me. Wrap them in some lettuce and call it a meal!

I think next time I am going to save myself the headache and just throw everything in a pan to cook and then scoop it out onto the lettuce. Kinda like a sloppy joe of sorts. That way they can be a "fast food" too!

Did you do anything exciting/special for 12-12-12?


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