Monday, December 3, 2012

Week 1 Success

RUNS: Success!!! Not only did I run a 10 miler and 12 miler over the weekend...but that also means I ended the birthday week with 41 miles!!! And even better yet is that I remain pain free!

Saturdays run included a group run around the lakes which is a very hilly run. I wasnt sure how well I would do but it ended up not that bad. Slow but pain free. Here are a couple pictures from the run...
Navigating very slippery rocks!

Creek Crossing

Misfits (aka the fast runners)

Suk coming out of tunnel #2!
They all ran about twice as far as me but I kept to my recovery plan and instead opted to hit up a yoga class with my mom and other running friends immediately after. I wasnt sure how that would work out but I tell you was awesome! Exactly what my body needed. I want to do an hour of yoga from now on after every long run!

Because we then ran 12 miles on Sunday around some flatter but muddier trails and my legs felt great. They did get tired towards the end but not the heavy brick like feeling or pain. Here are some pictures of that run...

They dont look near as muddy in the pic as what they really were!
I stopped mid run to take my Day 2 #yogaaday picture! It is a month long challenge where you take a picture of yourself in the days pose and post it to instagram. It is really cool to see the different ways people express themselves. You can find me on instagram @staceyrunsandeats if you are interested in checking it out.

EATS: Breakfast. Bananas would be the word of the day for the past couple of breakfasts. Banana and Clif bar x2 days and this another day...
Banana. Coco w/PB and mini chocolate chips.
Lunches. Pretzel Thins would be the word of the day here. Im thinking its the salt.
Avocado Summer roll. Rice Rolls. Pretzels. Plum.

3-bean Salad. Pretzels.
Dinner. Bean Burritos would be the word of the day since I had that on both Saturday & Sunday (from two different places!). But I was to hungry from the runs that I ate them so quickly there was no time for pictures! BUT I will show you pictures of my favorite dinner to get when we go to Wegmans. Love love love their Sesame Chickenless!
Sesame chickenless. Rice. Delicata squash & cauliflower. Squash & cranberries.

Partial view of the options.

My kid!
Here's to hoping week #2 goes just as well running and eating wise!

Are you currently training for anything?
Are you participating in any of the December challenges floating around?


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