Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Week 2 Review

RUNS: Week 2 had me 43 miles ran. And every single one of them pain free. I can hardly believe it. I just keep waiting for that ITB to attack. I also managed 3hours of yoga.

Saturday was my long run of 16.5 miles (2500ft of elevation) around the lakes. We started super early so that we could go to yoga afterwards. I just wanted to mention how lame I am in that I gave up running with friends so that I could run earlier and still get to yoga. But I really am glad that I did because I believe the yoga is making me be able to run pain free.
Pre-dawn start.
Last week I went to yoga after my 12-miler and it felt fantastic. So I wanted to do that again. It was great again except that I had absolutely no balance! I guess all of those little muscles were spent. But you know what, I had very little issues with recovery and ran 6.5 miles on Sunday morning with my legs feeling good! I absolutely believe it is the yoga.
Running in the rain!
The Sunday morning run was actually with friends and thanks to Evans for taking this super shot of me!

YOGA:  Like I said...three classes this week. But more importantly I wanted to tell you that I got up in wheel pose all by myself. No blocks. No nothing. Just me. I did it twice and the second time I didnt stay up very long but dang I was so proud of myself! That pose really isnt very difficult but I had so much trouble with it that I was on a mission to get it done. Now mind you, I do still have a lot of work to do on it but I am improving all the time.

Another new to me pose is the Tripod. Which is also known as pre-headstand. Seriously, how hard can it be?! When I was a kid I did about a million headstands! Surely my body remembers...right? Wrong.
Tripod (pre headstand)
I could not get my legs up onto my elbows/arms and balance there. Heck, I really couldnt get them on at all. I think my biggest problem was how to set my head on the mat (ie. on the top of my head verses on my forehead). I wasnt the only one struggling and she suggested we go up against the wall to try. But I ran out of time and will try that next time.
Watch out headstand Im coming for you next!!
Oh, and by the way, Rik got up into tripod without much difficulty at all and even got a good job from the teach. Haha. He was pretty pleased with himself.

EATS: I have really struggled with my eating this week. PMS is no excuse but its all I got. I've lost 3lbs so far so Im not doing to bad but I have not kept up with the logging of my foods. Must. Do. Better. With. That. This. Week.
Veggie Marsala Burger. Hummus. Broccoli Slaw. Lavash bread. 

I think I had hummus everyday this week. See the brownie for dessert?!

Favorite food from Trader Joes...I think.

Anyone doing anything cool on Wednesday for 12-12-12??

I dont want to run 12 miles that day so I am going to settle for a 12k run!



  1. Great week! I can't imagine me trying to do a headstand these days, it would probably be disastrous. Maybe one day, I'll make that a goal too!

    1. Haha Abbi! How is it so easy as a kid to do them and now the body doesnt cooperate with the mind!

  2. Nice job! very impressive, you should join my friend jeremy when he runs from san Francisco to the east coast in march. a transcontinental journey on foot with nothing but what he can push in a cart

    1. Andrew...please! I am just trying to run 50 miles ;)
      However, that is so cool what your friend is doing. Is he just doing it as a challenge or to raise money and/or awareness for something?!