Friday, December 28, 2012

Running Year in Review 2012

2012 -Wow! What a year it has been! I had alot of goals for this past year. I met some and not others but I sure did learn alot along the way.

I am doing my second yearly review by following Miss Zippys' lead and answering her questions as well as some of Road Runner Girls'. I thought this would be easier then a long drawn out year review. Wrong! I really had to think alot about these. Enjoy!

-Best race experience...would no doubt be Labor Pains 12hr Endurance Trail Run! It started out kind of sucky because of breathing and belly issues but after the rain things turned around and I ended up having my longest run (45 miles) ever and even got an age group award to boot. It will probably be my only award ever so I am very proud of it!
Lori & I with our award medals!
-Worst race experience...would probably have to be PHUNT 50k (errr...25k). That blog post title should tell you something right there. The run started out pretty good on the first part because everything was frozen but then the mud was just to much for me on the second half and I missed the cutoff. It was pretty tough to swallow but I was also exhausted and just glad to be done what I did do.
-Best doubt this would be the Conestoga Trail Night Run! So. So. So much fun. It was of course run at night on a trail that has more ups then downs. The company was hands down the best. AND we ran it the weekend of July 4th and were treated with music and fireworks from down at the river that you could see and hear for miles.
Cool thing is, we will be doing this run again but in the daylight as our last group run of the year on 12/29.

-Worst run...this one is tough because even if a run isnt great I dont really think of them as bad. I guess I would have to say the worst was maybe a small group run that I did in early March where my asthma was the worst. It was the beginning of what would be breathing troubles all year long. Boo! Asthma sucks and I am learning to deal with it.

-Most memorable running experience...there are certainly everyday running experiences just as memorable as this but I would have to say the two times I ran with  Chris McDougall. He is a neighbor of a super cool friend of mine and Gary invited us to run with them one day in the spring and then he actually ran another Conestoga run with us a few months later. And when I say ran together, I mean that they all took off ahead of me ;-)

-Another most memorable running could I forget?! I had to mention the time that I got lost by myself on the trails and ended up way out of the park in SV park.

-Best new piece of gear...I am going to go with my Hokas!! Since my legs are used to the trails. I got the Hokas for road running. They are the perfect shoe for recovery runs and more importantly run commuting home from work!!
-Best running advice received...oh this one is so! Actually the advice I got when rehabbing my ITB was to start weight training and cross training. I started with the weight training at the gym and was doing well with it. Everyone was saying that yoga was good for runners as well so I tried a class and was instantly hooked! I now take twice weekly classes at the gym and once a week at the yoga studio. I 100% credit yoga for getting me back to running pain free and keeping me there. I love it!!

-Running setbacks...1) Short time off in February for an achilles strain from jumping on some rocks to fast and awkward. It healed up quick. No lingering issues.

2) I've had exercise induced asthma for years. In March it decided to turn to full blown asthma and I have been dealing with it since. The summer running was very difficult and slow for me this year.

3) And then we have the good 'ol ITB issues that started after Labor Pains in September but I pretty much ignored it until I ran 26.2 miles on the AT. That caused me to miss my fall goal race Stone Mill 50 miler. But I found yoga so everything happens for a reason, right?!

-Most inspirational runner...would have to be Janet at Because I Can. I first "met" her on facebook via a local running club and then read her book. How can you not find someone who almost lost their life and leg in a horrific accident and then come back and prove everyone wrong by not only walking but running again inspirational. She ran her first marathon post accident this year too!

-If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be?
 Run long. Balance. Yoga.

-Year in numbers...
 -8 marathon distance or greater races (5 ultras)
 -longest race 45 miles
 -16 trail races total
 -305 miles raced
 -about 1550 miles ran total in 2012

-Its amazing how relative things are. I thought that my running year was meh. But when you stop and think about it...oh what a year it has truly been. I have met so many great running FRIENDS this year and had the most amazing EXPERIENCES. More then I ever thought possible! I wouldnt trade these memories for anything.

Your turn...pick one of the questions above to answer in the comments!

Happy Trails! Peace.


  1. Congrats on a great year and lessons you learned from the few minor setbacks you had!

  2. What a great year! I hope to get into trail running a little bit more this year. And yes! Yoga is the best thing for runners! Good luck with all your endeavors in 2013!

    1. Thanks Angela! I am hoping to do alot more yoga in 2013 for sure!

  3. You've had a fantastic year!!!! 8 marathon or more distance runs! Wow!!!! Inspirational.

    1. That wasnt the plan. It just kind of happened. I think it was a little much and hope I can run smarter in 2013. I cant wait to see what you do too!!