Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First Virtual Half Marathon of the 13 in 2013

RUNS: January 1st got kicked off with a half marathon on the Appalachian Trail with some other crazy running friends. Not a true HM mind you but a virtual one! I had never heard of these until I recently signed up to do the 13 in 2013. I really like them. Especially if they are free! The plan is to do 13 half marathons either real and/or virtual this year. There are already 6 planned on the event site so I just need to figure out the rest as I go along.

Bam! First one done.
*this is actually a pic of Riks watch because I forgot to start mine.
Brand new shoes. Broke in!
On the AT.
And just some random pics along the way...
Me in the yellow.
More snow...
Running thru fields with horses right next to us.
Everyone regrouping.
I didnt feel great out there today but I am so glad I got out and got it done!

EATS: After the run we headed for home for food! Colton is so upset this year because we usually go to my parents for a big New Years day dinner complete with pork & sauerkraut for them and veggie lasagna for the veggie type people in the family. Except this year they are in FL. We did however still have the veggie lasagna...and both boys ate it.
 And what goes better with veggie lasagna? Well a chopped veggie salad of course! If you dont know by now I frequently do veggies with veggies.
I did offer up some breadsticks for the boys since they werent thrilled about eating a salad with their dinners. Colton fears he may not have good luck this year without the pork & sauerkraut but I say he will be just fine ;).

And so it goes...on to 2013!!!

So tell me...have you made any commitments for 2013 yet?



  1. Oh no - you left out the pork and sauerkraut? I had to have it - no one else likes it which means more for me and more luck for me! ;) Great run!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Jen! I love sauerkraut but you can have my pork too ;) If my parents are away again next year I will definitely need to think of something to make with it.

  2. Great job on the first half of the challenge!!! And all that snow looks gorgeous!!!

  3. Hi it Caroline @iheartrunning.com thanks for the comment great to meet you:)