Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dietbet final weigh in.

RUNS: Over the weekend and Monday included, I've had some pretty good runs. Friday I actually did some hill work with Rik. We headed out in hopes of getting some miles in before the snow arrived. It worked out well even though we didnt get the whole way to Highpoint before it started....
Check out Rik being blinded by the snow!
Oh wait. There is one of me being blinded by the snow too! It was actually only bad when we werent under tree cover.
On Sunday I headed out on a run without a real plan. I was feeling good and having a good run. I took a few extra trails and even messaged Rik at about the two hour mark to let him know where I was but that I was going to keep going. I stopped at the bathrooms at the lake and refilled my water but forgot to turn my Garmin back on after and it took me probably about 2-3 miles until I realized it. And once I did, it totally took everything out of me. For some reason it just really got me down. So I texted Rik and told him to come get me. I was done. Blah. Good run done.

So when we ran on Monday it just so happens that I forgot to turn my watch on at all! What the heck. I never do this. I think it must mean that I am meant to not wear my watch this week. Atleast this time when I noticed it, it didnt really effect me like the day before and I just kept running along. Not sure how long or far I ran. All I know is that it is so much fun to run in the crunchy snow...

EATS: I have been completely uninspired with food porn pictures over the past couple of days. The only food picture I have from over the past, um, 4 days is of a Spaghetti Squash and Breaded Eggplant dinner. I actually roasted up the squash to have for breakfast this past week but it never happened since I still had some of the mini oatmeal cakes left. I didnt want it to go bad so I did what I usually do with it.....

But let me tell you about how excited I am about the end weigh in that I did today for my first round of Dietbet! I did it! I lost more then the 4% required to win your bet.

If you dont know what it is check out the link. I will say that I found it through another blog and you bet however much money they say for the game (mine was $10) and you need to lose 4% in the following 30ish days to win your bet. Which means so long as I lose the weight I will get my $10 back and maybe more! Who knew losing my $10 would be such a big incentive for me to lose the weight!

Even with the 4% weight loss I am still above where I was at this time last year but atleast I am moving the in the right direction now. I need to be successful with this round 2 bet to get back to where I was.

And incase you are wondering...I simply cut back on the junk and made better food choices. I did not count any calories for the first two weeks. I did keep track of them for three days the third week. And about five days of the last week. I think I will try that strategy again this month and see how it works out for me because I really dont want to count calories forever and would rather listen to my body.

Do you go crazy when you cant track your mileage or pace?

Have you ever tried a weight loss game like Dietbet? 
I had never heard of anything like before a month ago.



  1. You guys are hardcore runners! Looked like fun. ;-) Your eggplant and spaghetti squash looks amazing!!

  2. I hate not knowing how far I've run. Even if I go 'naked' I still try to map it when I get home. It is pretty nice to go by feel and not by your Garmin pace though.

    1. Danielle, I can't map it out at home because it was on the trail! That just means I need to go back and run the same trails this time with my watch just so "I know"!

  3. Your dinner looks amazing. How do you make your breaded eggplant? I tried it once but I must have messed up the recipe because it was horrid. Would you mind sharing your recipe?
    Great job on your runs! Love the snow run pics!!

    1. Tanya, it is actually the frozen Trader Joes breaded eggplant. I have heard so many people having trouble making it that it scares me to do it myself!

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