Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I seriously think that gave me whiplash!

RUNS: Remember how I fell on Saturday while running that lovely mud run. Here is the only visible evidence left.....
Its now got the pretty colors going on! The reason why I say "the only visible evidence" is because I am actually having other "issues" that one cant see.

I seriously think I got whiplash from the fall!!! I knew I fell hard. I joked that you know you fall hard when it knocks the snot out of you. But dang, I didnt really think anything of it because I the knee was what hurt. And once I started walking and then running again I figured I was good. I even ran 10 more miles after I fell.

Right at the end of the run I started to get a aura on my right side and I was glad to be getting done the run figuring I was going to be getting a migraine for whatever reason. But the aura went away and I never got the migraine. I was very tired after the run and went to bed very early that night.

The next morning I got up and felt like I was hit by a truck! My upper body was so sore. I couldnt believe how sore my lats and shoulders were. But I had another run planned and got on with my day. I was fine during the run. The knee was even feeling pretty good.

Once I came home and got a shower though I couldnt believe how sore I still was. It was even into my neck. Rik joked about how out of shape my upper body is to be hurting that bad from a fall and I agreed.

But Sunday night the headache could not be ignored. My neck was so stiff. And I was just feeling like crap. Monday I slept okay. Thank goodness it was a rest day because I had such a headache. But atleast now my upper back muscles were feeling much better.

Tuesdays sleep was the worst. The pain and stiffness in my neck was just to much and I couldnt sleep well. Even with that I headed out for a short run. When I was done I was pleased at how good I felt. Maybe it had finally worked it way loose as well.

Nope. That feeling only lasted an hour at most and then the pain came back. Worse. By now I couldnt even turn my head side to side with out great pain. And the headaches continued. Geez. Rik joked that I probably got whiplash when I fell. We laughed. And by the time I got to work I was thinking alot about what he said. So what else would I do but ask Mr. Google what he thought.

Sure enough I many of the symptoms associated with whiplash!!
I took 800mg of Ibuprofen this time and it seems to have helped alot. I think I just needed a stronger dose then the measly 400mg I usually take at a time. It certainly has helped. For now.

Okay. So I might not have whiplash. Heck maybe if I google "brain aneurysm" I may have those symptoms too! But whatever, thats what I am going with. And all I know is I must have had one heck of a fall and this stuff better quit hurting...soon!!

EATS: I've eaten eggs twice this week. I rarely eat eggs. I dont know whats up with that. The one day I had them with a pear on the side with chocolate syrup drizzled over. And the other day was just with a clementine.
I hope I have time and am up to making pancakes tomorrow. I could really eat some pancakes.

Lunches have been the usual veggies, dip, fruit, etc...
This time I used peanut butter as a dip. Brilliant!!
For dinner I made some Eggplant Hummus...
Eggplant Hummus
If you have read my blog more then once you know that I LOVE hummus and really...any kind of dips. But the reason I made it today was to put it on our pizza! Gotta love Hummus & Veggie Pizza...
Grill or roast your veggies first.
Then top your pizza and cook that for a couple of minutes.
I weighed in again today to see my progress and now my DietBet game tells me that I have 12 days to lose 3lbs or lose my money that I bet that I could. Looks like I better get serious now. No problem, right?!

Ever try Hummus Pizza? You should.



  1. Yikes, that bruise looks nasty! Whiplash is a definite possibility. Good luck with the soreness.

    That hummus & veggie pizza looks fantastic!

    1. Surprisingly it looks worse then it is! No pain at all from it unless I forget and try to kneel on it!!

  2. Whiplash or not it sounds serious and I do think a doctor visit should be in your future!

    1. Nah. Dr Google told me what to do to help with the healing ;)

  3. Yum on the HUMMUS and Pizza!!!!!!!
    Hope you are feeling better real soon!

    1. Thanks Barbaree!! You really should try the pizza!

  4. I can't believe you may have gotten whiplash from your fall! Wow! Hope you're feeling better soon!
    I love hummus. I'll have to try eggplant. I recently made beet hummus and cucumber hummus. Both were deelish!!

    1. Im not sure about beet hummus. That must be a pretty color! But cucumber hummus sounds awesome! Did you put it on crackers? I need to check this out more.....

  5. That pizza looks very delicious.
    Please be careful I must admit that after years of playing rugby the aura scares me because that is a big sign in players with concussions.
    I am hopefully that it is not that and that any whiplash symptoms you are having go away soon.

    1. I definitely know I didnt get a concussion (i think, lol) because it was very quick. I was up as quick as I was down. And I didnt have any other speech or impairment issues. Maybe I do need to atleast look into that. My son had two when he was young and I just know I was nothing like he was. That was scary for sure.