Thursday, January 24, 2013

Super cold weather runs this week!

RUNS: It has been so dang cold here in PA the past couple of days. The wind, of course, just makes it worse. But I am telling you...I run so much better in the cold weather. Maybe not so much in the wind but the trees on the trails usually cut much of that.

Tuesday was an okay run. I had to pick up Dakota at school after my run so my run ended up being just okay. I dont know if I was still recovering from my weekend runs or just because I was trying to run the clock.

Wednesday I had a doctors appointment and couldnt get my stuff together before it so I ended up just cleaning the house. Then I had this bright idea to visit the treadmill at the gym in the evening! Yeah, that is as crazy of a thought as it seems. The last time I was on a treadmill was months ago when I was injured. I cant remember if I lasted 10 or 15 minutes. But you get my point.

I got dressed and headed up (it is exactly 1mile from the house). And as I am driving through the parking lot I realize that I forgot my headphones. No way will I be able to run on the TM with out my headphones. So as I am passing the gym to return home to get them, I notice that all whopping 6 of the treadmills are being used. Bummer.

I head for home and start getting excited because that means I am going to put some additional layers on and head out in the 14 degree night time weather! Here I am all suited up...
We determined that I had on every color except purple ;) And the shorts over pants are because the only thing cold on me on Tuesday was my thigh area.

I headed out and had the most fantastic run! I kept thinking that if things were good, I was going to keep on going. And keep on going I did.
This is a road course that I have run a total of four times now and each time my pace gets better.
12:12, 11:32, 11:21, 11:03
The only problem I have with getting better each time is that I fear how I will feel when I have a run and my time doesnt improve. But they cant all be good runs, right?!

EATS: For dinner the other night we had some stir fry with quinoa in place of rice. I have been doing that more frequently and this seems to be a great substitute. Tasty and more protein for the win.

Check out the new dressing I got during one of our trips to Maryland. It sounded delicious and thought it would go perfectly with a stir fry. I just wasnt sure about the part that says medium spice and two peppers pictured. I can only handle so much heat and peoples perceptions of heat are so different.
 It actually WAS medium spicy and very good. You can see that I only put a little bit on the veggies and more on the side "just in case". And I did infact use some of the extra. It is only 20 calories per Tablespoon.

Quinoa Stir Fry
We actually had enough quinoa left over that I am going to try making a quinoa hummus! It kind of sounds good and kind of not. Not sure how I feel about it but it does sound interesting so I am going to atleast try it.

Are you a cold weather runner or do you hit the treadmill when you need to?

Does quinoa hummus sound good or scary?!



  1. I LOVE running in cold weather...but generally 15° with no wind is the coldest I'll go. Unfortunately, it hasn't even gotten THAT warm in Minnesota for at least a week...kinda sad. That being said, the treadmill is the next best thing...well, the only next thing. ;)

    1. Yeah. Sometimes it has to be the TM or nothing. Luckily it hasnt gotten to that point yet. I cant even imagine your coldness up there. This is very cold for us. It needs to go!

  2. Ok, you're amazing! I would definitely choose the treadmill over 14 degrees! The lowest I've ran in is 25, and I think that's my limit!
    Quinoa hummus sounds awesome! I've made beet hummus and it was good too!

    1. I tried the treadmill but they were all full! ;)

  3. Hey! Just been browsing your blog :D
    I'm definitely a fan of running in cold weather, as opposed to summer time. BUT, the wind - I can't do wind running. ahh!!
    Great job you did though!!

    1. Thanks TR! And yes, that wind can really get you. I always ask my husband where that wind is in the summer time when we would really appreciate it, lol!

  4. The weather where I live has been absolutely freezing too - I can't imagine actually going outside and exercising in it. Nice job getting out there!

    1. Ha! Thanks Lisa! It was actually above freezing today and I was in heaven!!
      It looks like you may have a blog too. I need to check it out!