Monday, January 7, 2013

PHUNT 25k 2013

Let me recap last year first by saying that I didnt meet the cutoff for the 50k because of a crazy amount of mud on the last 5 miles of the course. So this year I decided to just do the 25k and try to beat my time from last year. Sounds easy enough since there wasnt as much mud on the course. The temps started at about 26 degrees and I dont think they got much above freezing.

I was super excited when I realize the it didnt start until 9am and I could sleep in until a reasonable time. I have been battling a cold all week so any extra sleep would be a bonus. When we got there the field was already full of cars. Its amazing that it was colder by about 20degrees this year and yet there were many more people there.

It took longer then expected for everyone to sign in and we didnt get started until maybe 10 minutes late. No big deal. Here is everyone at the start...
Check out all the aid station goodies laying there.
Hunt gave us one or two directions which included a warning that we should take one of the emergency phone cards with numbers on incase we get lost (for some reason people are known to get lost on this course even though it is marked better every year). And just like that we were off and the opposite direction of last year.

And soon enough, like less then two miles later I stopped to take off my jacket. I was freaking hot already. I looked up to see Rik coming walking towards me. Oh no. This cant be good. Then I see him hobbling. He tells me that he is done. He rolled his ankle...twice already. What?! See, less then two months ago he rolled his ankle REALLY bad and it has been healing. He knew it wasnt 100% yet but he has been running well. And thats all it takes. His ankle was swollen and he was hobbling back to the start and I would carry on.

I was actually enjoying this opposite direction much better. We got to do the hilly single track first and that was the part that was so muddy last year. It looked like a completely different course and I wondered how it could have been so muddy last year. It was an awesome trail this year! We did come to one section going down hill when we saw people with their maps out and looking where to go. Evidently the course was to turn to the right part way down the hill and they went right past it and were headed back up the hill. Whew. Glad I was with a group and missed getting lost that time!

I came into the first aid station smiling because I was feeling great, running with other people and I saw Rik there waiting for me! I was in and out quick for the next 5 mile loop. This section was pretty nice too. A couple of creek crossings that I was able to keep my feet dry, a few field crossings, but mostly nice trails.

Here is our friend Zach at the aid station....
Zach rocked the 50k!
I came out of the loop to see Rik one more time before the last 4ish miles. I was happy to still be with other people and not by myself. After about 11 miles I started to get tired. My legs started to feel heavy. I kept telling myself that I only had a few more miles to go. The hills started feeling bigger and I was having to walk some. But I had to keep moving so that I could beat my time from last year.

Eventually I hit 15 miles on my Garmin and knew I was almost done. Except I wasnt as almost done as I thought. I kept thinking I was almost at the finish. I kept looking at my watch. Where was the finish?! Then there was the stupid fields. The last mile was fields and a stone road. These are my worst metal running surfaces. Here I was past the 25k mark and having to travel the field and stone road. I started to walk. And I walked. And I got all grumpy because the course was longer this year and I was not going to make my goal.

As I was walking I realized that my pace was still faster this year. So actually I WAS doing okay. That and the fact that I FINALLY saw the finish got me running along again. Here I come into the FINISH.....
Actually this is me coming into the aid station ;)
Yay! And I finished with my pace being 1 minute per mile faster then last year. I will take it.

Here is my friend Leon coming in to his finish...
Here are some other pictures of the finish line thanks to Rik the photographer instead of Rik the runner.
Fire at the finish to warm us. It was dang cold after you stopped running!
Being a FatAss, you get what you pay for. I paid nothing and got an awesome race put on by one of the nicest running groups around. Traildawgs rock! The food was great and the course was marked even better then last year. Perfect weather made for a great day on the trails! Cant wait to do it again next. One of these times I will finish the whole thing...I hope!



  1. That looks so fun!!!!! I want you to know your posts are part of what made me change my plan for 2013 from speed to distance and I thank you very much for that!

    1. Yay! So cool. But just beware that speed suffers when distance increases.

  2. Free race? Awesome! Especially out on the trails, the best place to be :)

    1. You are so right. Free races are many times better then the one you pay big bucks for!

  3. Great job!! And you still did faster than last year! Sounds like a fun race.

  4. Fantastic job!! I organize a few free events a year. We always seem to have just as good (if not better) time than at the paid races. :)