Saturday, January 12, 2013

For the MUD of the run.

RUNS: So my old plan called for a 20-miler today. But since I have a new non plan plan I decided to head out on the trails with some girlfriends. Miles to be determined but wanted to do atleast 13. We decided to run some flatter trails. The only problem with that is the trails we picked do not drain well and it is always muddy there. Oh, and it rained all day yesterday! It was going to be one heck of a muddy run. And it was!

We did an out and back little trail first that was about 3 miles. I managed to fall within the first 2 miles. And I fell hard. I busted up both my knees and my hand! I got up and walked it off for a bit and then started running again. I knew it would be okay until I was done. So long as I kept moving the knee was okay. Painful but okay!

Here is a picture of our first little water crossing. We all made it across with dry feet!
Sue & Sheri looking for a safe place to cross.
Im not sure why we were so concerned with keeping our feet dry then because they would be wet for the entire run once we hit the mud about 50ft past that.

We had several water crossings. We had streams running right down the middle of the trail. We had miles of mud. We had shallow mud. We had up past your ankles hope your shoes stay on your feet mud! It was a blast! Here is a picture of a more difficult water crossing. The problem here wasnt so much about keeping your feet dry but rather the rest of your body because those rocks were slick!
Sue & Michele on the super slick rocks.
And more mud and water. The good thing about the water crossings was they it cleaned off the bottoms of your shoes a little bit.
Me in the teal shirt.
We ended up with 12 miles once we came around the lake and back to the cars. We decided to call it a day figuring that the workout we got from the mud more then made up for additional mileage. And then this is what your feet and legs look like after a 12 mile mud run!
Tonight my knee is swollen and bruised. I am not sure if I will be able to run tomorrow or not. I hope so. I think it will be fine once I start going. We will see. Either way, it was worth it for such a fun run with friends today!!

EATS: This morning I just had some dry cereal and water before the run. I had a GU during the run. And then Swedish fish after it while I got myself cleaned up and lunch made. Ended up making a pizza burger and it hit the spot.

After I was done lunch I quick got dinner in the crock-pot. I had to set it on high since it was already after 1pm. It was easy enough to prepare. Chop up some tempeh and carrots. Put in crock. Dump BBQ sauce and water on top. Done.

5 hours later and this is what we had...
Crock-pot BBQ tempeh & carrots
Here is the link to the recipe that I used. And yes, I did forget the spinach. Darn it!! I am so mad. I now have a bag of spinach to use for salads I guess. This dish was so good but I know it would be even better with the spinach. I missed my greens on there for sure. It seemed like it was missing something...duh.

I did want to also post a picture of the packages of tempeh that I normally like to use since alot of people have never heard of it or used it. You can usually find it in the refrigerated or organic section of the grocery store.
Here is also a link to explain more about what tempeh is incase you have never heard of it before either. It is an excellent meat replacement. 3oz serving is about 130cals and 11gm protein. It also only costs about $2.50 for a package. Cant beat it. Try it if you havent already!!

Have you ever had tempeh? What did you think of it?!



  1. That's one crazy mud run! Great job!

  2. That mud run looks like SOOO much fun. Is it weird that I love getting good and dirty on the trail? Dry runs just aren't as much fun. They are more injury-free, but less fun.

    I tried tempeh once and I found it disgusting. Granted, it was when I first went vegan and I think my tastebuds were still getting adjusted to new flavors. I should try it again. I think the texture weirded me out more than the flavor, tho. I don't mind tofu, but tempeh scares me.

    1. Tanya- I wanted to mention that it is often suggested to steam the tempeh before you actually marinate it, cook it, or whatever else you are going to do with it to take the bitterness out of it. But I had never done that and liked it just the way it was. I did, however, steam it for the first time this time before adding it to the crock-pot and I think it really did make a difference. I thought it was even better. I cant wait to try it in a recipe that I am already familiar with to see the difference. Maybe you might want to try it that way! As far as texture thought...that didnt change, lol. I love the grainy texture.

  3. Wow that mud looks crazy! It wasn't even close to as muddy on my Sat. run. It looks like you had fun though (minus the fall)!

  4. It is official I need to move and make myself your new BFF just so I can do all of these runs with you they look SO FUN!

    UI have had tempeh and love it but I have never cooked it myself. I leave that to the chefs and my favorite vegetarian place Tula's kitchen :)

  5. Sounds like a fun run!! Except for where you fell down. I hope you're knee gets better soon! I've never had Tempeh, maybe I need to try it!