Thursday, January 10, 2013

New shoes and Vegan foods.

RUNS: I have really been having some good runs this week. It seems like I am recovering from PHUNT fairly quickly which is a good thing.

On Wednesday I ran the local park that has a 1.3 mile loop. Two sections are paved and the rest is a crushed stone. Also, from where I park, the first half is all uphill and the second half is downhill. I havent run here since summer and I rarely do because of the monotony of the loops but it is close to home and something different.

I was pleasantly surprised with how well I did. I was anywhere from 15 seconds per mile faster with the first mile to over a minute faster on the last compared to the last two times that I ran here! Here is a picture of the the start of the loop.
Unpaved section.
And check out my new shoes I wore today! That must be what made me so fast! Part of my New Years resolution was to not be such a road running snob. My Hokas are great for recovery and run commuting but I wanted something more for casual road runs that I could work on speed more then just jogging along. So for my birthday in November Rik got me these Saucony Ride 5. They are the same shoe that I have always worn on the roads but it has been forever since I had a pair. I think I either had the Ride 2 or 3s. Love these colors! Yes, I got them in November and just now wore them for the first time today. I am surely embracing this road running thing...on the crushed stone trails today. Close enough ;)
Saucony Ride 5
YOGA: I have decided that starting next week I am going to try to make my running rest days on Tuesday and Thursday because that is when my yoga classes are at the gym. I am finding that it is just to much to do running and yoga on the same nights. Its doable but I would just rather not. Saturday yoga is still a go when ever I can make it. I am actually finding that I like the studio classes better then the gym ones because of the different things we can do. Same instructors and style but just limited with what we can do at the inversions.

EATS: Breakfasts seem to go in cycles. Lately it is Cocos with PB and mini chocolate chips. Fruit/Pear. I can feel an oatmeal cycle coming on...
Lunches are the usual dips and veggies, hummus and chips. With a side of fruit! And some kind of snack. Another picture of  a meal with a pear. Speaking of which...I think the pears are not agreeing with me. Maybe it was coincidence this week but Im not so sure. I have been feeling bloated after eating them.
Work lunches.
Veggie sandwich and Sweet Potato Fries.
Trader Joes frozen pizza. Meh, probably not a repeater.

The Vegan Vegetables Au Gratin was a last minute change from Vegan Zucchini Fritters over Spaghetti Squash and I think it was a good switch. It was the first time we made this and it was really good but seemed like it needed a little more flavor. Next time I will add some peas. I think that would do the trick! Here is a link to the recipe for the Vegan Vegetables Au Gratin.

Any ideas on breakfasts that include veggies that is NOT a smoothie type drink?? 
I tend to want sweet breakfasts but would love to be able to add some veggies in that meal if I could.



  1. Gonna have to try that Au Gratin. I once made these quinoa/sweet potato flapjacks that were something different for breakfast. Not bad with a little avocado.

    1. Hmm, I will have to google and see what I can come up with. Thanks for the idea!

  2. I live for sweet breakfasts like oatmeal & banana so I can't help much in the veggies-for-breakfast area. But those dinners look awesome!

    I tried the Ride 5's for about 2 weeks before I had to exchange them. The lower heel-toe drop didn't work for me but I could see why people love them. They are so light and I definitely ran faster in them!

    1. I live for sweet breakfasts to but I am wondering if it is setting me up for sweet cravings the rest of the day.

      I know a lot of people can run in Sauconys but they just seem to fit my foot the best. What do you run in then?!

  3. Love the breakfast kicks. I'm on an overnight oats kick. The ease in the mornings, grab and go, has charmed me :-)

    1. Overnight oats are the best! I love all the different ways to make them. I love how I can add chocolate to them and not feel guilty about it ;)

  4. I eat a (microwaved) sweet potato halved or quartered, spread w/ almond butter for breakfast. (I also have been on an asparagus kick lately, and will just nuke a few spears to eat while getting ready in the morning) Smoothies are too cold and too liquid for me as a standalone breakfast - my stomach doesn't "read" liquid food the same way as solid, and I don't stop being hungry. I used to make hot cereal w/ quinoa flakes, and you can add sweet potato or even cooked butternut squash and maybe berries. Squash-type veggies seem to work well - previously cooked acorn or delicate are sweetest, but you could use spaghetti squash too. I think it's what you add to it that adjusts the sweet/savory. You can also add pumpkin puree to hot cereal, or even use it as a spread like jam, add a little spice to it. Maybe some of the sweeter veggies, oven roasted then eaten cold or reheated? Parsnips might work.

    1. Thank you SO SO much!! This is exactly the kind of ideas I was looking for! Your ideas are great and so simple. The kind of things I should be able to put together easily. I cant wait to try the spaghetti squash with something sweet on top!