Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Recovery & Kale Butter

RUNS: I did a 2.5 mile walk/run yesterday to check things out and I felt pretty darn good during the workout but was more sore after then before I started...go figure. Today I rode my bike 15 miles to give my toes a break yet. They got pretty beat up running 45 miles, wet, in the wrong shoes for the trails.
It gettin' dark so early!

EATS: Super Summer Salads for dinner!
Tis the season for some fresh corn on the cob! I stopped at one but trust me...I wanted more!

Another dinner...I was able to get Dakota to eat tempeh because it was broke up pretty fine in this dish and mixed in with pasta, beans, diced tomatoes and spices.
Tempeh Chili Mac
But he was not interested in trying this...
Kale Butter
Trust me. I had trouble thinking it looked good enough to eat too. But I caved to peer pressure and made it. I put it on sweet potatoes and it was great! It was surprisingly sweet and nutty. The idea is that I want to use it as a dip but wanted to try it as a topping first to be safe. I dont know where they get the idea of it as a "butter" but that is what gave me the idea to put it on a potato. So it worked, lol.
Kale Butter on Sweet Potato
Just some of my dinners this week. Hopefully I will post more meals tomorrow and report of a first "real" run since the ultra....we will see...


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