Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Running to the music.

RUNS: I ran around the Lakes again today. I bumped it up to 4.5miles for my come back week.
Trail 5
And I ran with music. I am off and on about the whole music thing. A few years ago I couldnt imagine running without an ipod and headphones. In fact, back in the day, I cancelled several runs when I got to the trail and realized my ipod battery was dead. Really?! Thats how ridiculous I was.

Then for some reason (and I dont remember why it was) I didnt want to run with all. And I couldnt imagine running on the trails with them. I couldnt imagine not hearing the sounds of nature and all that was around me. Ahh, how things change!

Lately, I am somewhere in the middle. I always need them on for a road run. To boring to not have some kind entertainment! But on the trails I have noticed that I can drown out my horrific sounding breathing (asthma) with the music AND can run at a slightly faster pace with a much lower perceived exertion. I probably wear them less then half of the time that I am out there on the trails but I really seem to be digging them.

So needless to say, I like when the trails are closed to mountain bikers and dont have to worry about them coming up behind me and not hearing them. And not being able to get out of their way quick enough or at all before they scare me. I can just turn the music up and cruise! Today the trails were open to bikes so I had them in but on very low. Here is me rocking the earbuds :-)
EATS: Until we got done our run today we were hungry starving and had to go pick up Dakota and stop at the store before we could go home and make dinner. It was already getting late and instead of a couscous salad I had planned to make, we ended up throwing together this...
Actually, Rik threw it together while I jumped in the shower. The temps are starting to change and I was so chilly from being sweaty that a hot shower and warm food hit the spot.

Then I chopped up some red peppers and celery to pack for lunches. I packed us Veggies and Pita Chips to dip in the dressing and Hummus. Added an Asian pear for each of us and Fig Newtons for dessert.
While I was packing those I decided I was STILL hungry and put together a Coco topped with Peanut Butter and Mini Chocolate Chips. I dont always do the chips but today they were a necessity! It was so good that I wanted a second one but stopped myself...I definitely didnt need it ;-)
Hope you are loving the change of weather as much as I am. It is a beautiful time of the year.

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