Wednesday, September 12, 2012

RUNning & Cleaning out the fridge

RUNS: Well it is onto week 11 training for Stone Mill 50M.

After a week of no Garmin wearing, riding my bike, walking and shuffling around the trails a few times....its time to do some real running again!

Monday I ran 5.5 miles around Lake Williams. There were several trees down and trail 2 was closed because of downed trees and power lines. Overall a good run considering it was my first run over 3 miles in a week. Felt good but later I felt like I had run many more miles and many more hills then I actually did! I did alot of stretching and rolling to try to help with that.

Tuesday I was still feeling really sore (muscles only) so I decided to add some hills since thats what my body felt like I did the day before anyhow! Ran 6.5 miles around Rocky Ridge. My right knee was tight at the start so I was going to just do a shorter run but then it loosened up and was fine. My pace is still pretty slow but I can tell it was better then even the day before. Muscles still sore...especially the glutes. More stretching and rolling!

EATS: Breakfasts have been the usual...Rolled oats. Dried fruit. Coconut almond milk.
Of course, Dakota wont eat that so he talked me into making some Banana Nut Bread for him for breakfasts. And I ended up making the Vegan Banana Hawaiian Muffins into a bread this time as well. Breakfast and snacks are covered!
Banana Nut Bread
Lunches have been the typical...Dips (Kale butter) & Hummus. Veggies. Fruit. CHOCOLATE!
We have avoided the grocery store this week by using up things in the fridge and freezer! Dinners have included this awesome new addiction of ours...Trader Joes Vegetable Masala Burger. It is so delicious! I have seen them for years but the package is unappealing and have avoided trying them. I have heard reviews about how versatile and good they were so we finally tried them a few weeks ago and they did not disappoint.
This time we cooked them up in a pan on the stove and Rik broke them up as they were cooking. Then added them to pitas with hummus and lettuce. Rik added A1 sauce to one of his. He claims it was pretty good as well.

We also had leftover Carrot & Chive Quinoa patties (made with only a few mods) from our camping trip over the weekend. I didnt have anymore lettuce to wrap them so I just had them plain, eaten with a fork! I added some sweet potato fries because I am on a HUGE sweet potato kick lately. Especially the fries. I would have had just the fries...again...but wanted to use up the patties before they went bad. I think I am good with the beta-carotene dont ya think?!
Leftovers for dinner.

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