Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Apple and Tempeh Sandwiches with a side of Chaturanga!

RUNS: Im not going to talk much about my runs today because I dont want to jinx myself...been feeling good.

I have not been down to Lake Redman trail 5 since Hurricane Sandy passed through last week. I knew that a section of it would get pretty wet because it is low lying but I had no idea that it came over the banks and flooded the trail again! This happened last year as well. Here are some pics from the trail...
You can see that trail is pretty low by the level of the water to the left.

Here is some of the leftover debris on either side of the trail.

A pic in the opposite direction showing piles debris cleared from the trail.
Thanks to the local MTB group for clearing this.

More debris in the middle of the trail.

And one more pic of the grasses flattened by the waters.
These pictures were taken before 4pm. Look how low the sun is. Makes me sad!

GYM: I've pretty much been falling in love with yoga. I have only had two classes so far (they only offer it twice a week at the gym I am going to) but I am absolutely loving it!

One of the girls who was in the class last week was also there today. We were chatting before class and she told me that it was a pretty tough class last week...I agreed! After several minutes into the class today she told me that it was actually harder today...I agreed!

One of the toughest poses for me seems to be Chaturanga. It is a tough pose in and of itself but even more so because we seem to do it a million hundred times over the hour.
Chaturanga Yoga pose
But a new one that we did tonight is an easier pose called Rabbit Pose. Just check out the link to see all of the benefits of this pose...not to mention how great it felt.
Rabbit Yoga pose

EATS: Mmm!! Check out this delicious dinner. Apple and Tempeh Sandwiches.
Whole Foods picture of the sandwich.
You all know that I love tempeh. It is so versatile with a earthy and meaty flavor. You can add it to chilis, stir frys, stews, salads and sandwiches (which I did here).  And I really like the texture of it. But I seem to like it even more because Dakota seems to like it. He maybe tolerates it anyhow. He wont eat tofu but he will eat tempeh. Works for me!

Here are my pictures of the sandwich...
Open with the baked apples on top of the tempeh.

Together as a sandwich. YUM!
Do you like tempeh?
How about tempeh vs. tofu?!



  1. I need to try that tempeh recipe. I did a similar one recently, but baked the tempeh with BBQ sauce and added some avocado and cilantro/jalapeno hummus to the bread. I like the idea of the apple!

  2. It really was an awesome sandwich!
    I seriously have not had BBQ tempeh...yet. I need to! Did you make the cilantro/jalapeno hummus yourself? I dont think I've ever seen it.