Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Training has started. I got this.

RUNS: Woohoo!! The training plan has started! Now lets see what my feelings are about this in about 10 weeks?!

Monday was a scheduled day off but I ran a few up at Rocky Ridge because I want to get 40 miles in this week for my 40th birthday. It was a freakin' beautiful day out. Check out the trails!
No leaves left on those trees!

Newer bridge on trail 4.

Look out with the Susquehanna River in the distance.
Tuesday I ran the roads because the trails are closed so the hunters can get their hunt on without them shooting my ass. I was hoping it was snowing when I got off work but it wasnt. So I waited until I got up and it was indeed snowing very lightly. I got dressed real quick and headed out.
It stopped snowing about half way through the run and most of the snow in the above picture was melted by the time I got back.

My knee has been feeling super. A little stiff on the trail on Monday but absolutely nothing on Tuesday on the road. I have another road run in the morning, I hope this feel good streak continues!

YOGA: I didnt get to either of my weekday classes last week because of the holiday. But I ended up finding a class at another studio that I could attend on Saturday. And get this, I was talking to my mom about my new found love of yoga and told her she should try it out sometime. She text me the day before and said she wanted to go! And even cooler was that two of my runner chick friends met us there to.

The class was pretty much the same as what I am used to because their teachers are the ones that hold the classes at the gym. Only difference was that it was super hot! 90 degrees. Evidently that is what it normally should be but I guess they dont do that at the gym. I know they turn it up but I wonder if it doesnt go up that high? I could barely breathe it was so hot.

The only new pose that we did was the crow pose. No way was I getting up into that. No way! Not even close.
Crow pose
Luckily I wasnt the only one who couldnt do it and she showed us a variation with blocks. Actually we only used one block and just put both feet on it.
Crow pose with blocks
I looked about like the girl in this picture. I was not able to get my feet off of the block even for a second. I am still very week in the upper body and I am sure that is part of it. But I remember only a month ago when I started I couldnt even push myself up into wheel without assistance. I know it will come.

Speaking of wheel pose. Tonight I was back at the gym yoga and did excellent with wheel pose using blocks. I just know that I am not far from doing it without!! I want to give it a time or two more before I try though. It seems like it is still hard for me to get down out of it, lol. I cant do it gracefully!

My teacher was very tough on us tonight. We actually tried several new poses but I dont remember the name of a single one of them because I was seriously exhausted!

Oh wait. One of them was Dancer's pose...
Dancer's Pose
 Looks easy enough doesnt it. Try it and get back to me!

Do any of my other runner friends do yoga? Do you think it does anything for your running??
-I hope it is doing something for me but it is to early to tell. Either way I would keep doing it.



  1. Those trails look so yummy. Good luck with your start of training! I love that fresh crisp feeling of a new training plan.

    1. You are right Kristin! Im loving the clean slate (and the pain free knee)!

  2. I absolutely LOVE yoga!! I just recently started getting into yoga...from a perch (blocks). I found is was less about arm strength and more about trusting yourself to lean forward to just balance. Much easier typed than done but once I started just trying to lift it came easier. I still have a hard time with wheel.

    Have you tried Anti gravity yoga yet...OMG so fun!

    1. I have not. I never even heard of it until I saw it on your blog and now I want to do it so bad! It looks awesome.