Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tape it up and RUN

Aint that the truth!
Well, I went and saw the PT guy today about my knee. It was really quite interesting, all of the different tests he did on each leg and knee to see how they were different and same. Turns out that my right leg is in fact weaker then my left. Which is not really surprising since I am left hand dominant. And he also told me that my knees hyperextend a bit but not enough to cause any problems.

He wanted me to step up and down off a 6 inch step to try to recreate the pain. I told him that it took over 8 miles of running yesterday before the pain started and we might be there for awhile. He said never mind, haha.
After about an hour he finally taped me up to push my knee cap back to center. He used the ugly color above instead of pink! He gave me no choices. I will wait to complain about that the next time. I dont know if you can see it but he said I am to make sure that there is the dimpling of skin on the medial side for it to be correct placement and I am to readjust it as necessary.

Then he gave me the best news of the day! He told me to go out for a run. He told me to go 2, 5, 10 miles. However many I wanted as long as there was no pain.
Goodbye Bodypump! This girl has a change of plans today!!

I ended up only running 4.5 miles on the road because it was dark and I was afraid to push it to much since I just did 10 yesterday. I felt fine.

Now hours later it feels sore. Not so much my knee but the knee cap. Probably because of all the manipulating and it being taped in a position that it is normally not in. It just feels like I want to take the tape off so it can "relax". Im sure it will feel better tomorrow.

EATS: Breakfast was a fast bowl of cereal before my appointment.
Lunch was the usual...
Banana. Carrots & Dip. Hummus & Pita chips. Fig Newtons.
Dinner was the bestest because Rik made it!
Breaded Eggplant. Topped with Spaghetti Squash and Marinara Sauce. 

Tomorrow will be an awesome day. Going to pick my kid up from college for the holiday! I havent seen him in like two months. So it will be no running, yoga or gym plus I will be eating out. Yikes! All good.

So Im wondering...what do you do besides run (for cross training)??


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