Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lets talk about Rik!

RUNS: Hurry. Quick. Look down to the right at my DailyMile widget. I ran 10.36 miles today! Almost exactly one month since my last long run of 26 miles where the ITB would not let me ignore it any longer.

The plan was for me to run some road miles and then hit up the trail until my knee started to bother me or I got to 10 miles.

I did great up until the last 2ish miles. I stopped to refill my water and call Rik to meet me to pick me up from the trail. After I started again I felt some knee stiffness. I iced when I got home. Stretched. Etc. Rest day from running tomorrow. And then continue with the 5 milers for the rest of the week.

Poor Rik. We are a household of injured runners! He rolled his ankle pretty good last week and hasnt been able to run since. He can barely get a shoe on. Here is a picture of the acute injury...
One of these things is not like the other.
And here is a picture a few days later...
Pretty colors!
Its even bruised on the other side too.

Since he didnt run today, he came to pick me up on the trail when I was done. He even managed to catch a picture of me from across the other side of the dam/lake...
The pink dot is me headed up one more hill!
Needless to say...I dont think either of us will be running Stone Mill this weekend.

EATS: Sooo....Rik was pretty excited when he saw these at the grocery store the other day. It even had a coupon on the package so we got them.
Steak Style Strips
He had visions of making a stir fry with them. I am not a fan of fake meats but what the heck, I was willing to try it if he wanted to cook it up!

I cut up the peppers and he got to work making dinner...
Caught him munching on peppers while cooking!

He is a pro.
He cooked up the peppers with some soy sauce (and whatever else he might have added that I dont know about) and then added the steak strips to marinate them all together for a bit. Good thing he takes taste samples when he cooks because evidently the fake steak was NASTY! He tried it twice just to make sure. Then Dakota took a bite and spit it out.

Now mind you, Rik will eat just about anything and Dakota has been really open lately to trying and eating new things. So when they said how gross it was, I was surprised. They finally talked me into trying a bite and I had to spit it out as well.

Rik had to pick all the pieces of "steak" out of the stir fry. We were going to just add some frozen mixed veggies but I felt like they needed a "meat" so I quick cut up some tempeh and we threw that in instead. We served it all over rice (which was the original plan).

Final product...
Stir Fry Dinner
It was good but I think we should have just added the mixed veggies instead. Now we know.

Do you like fake meats? What kind??


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