Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Week

RUNS/GYM/YOGA: Yep. Yep! The knee is sore. Good news is that I think it was from the manipulation at PT rather then from the actual running. Which is also good because I decided to stop taking the anti-inflammatory med because it was just not agreeing with me.

I missed both yoga classes this week because of picking up the big kid from college for the holiday and then because of the actual holiday itself. But have no fear! It seems that needing to get my yoga fix is getting just as bad as needing my running fix! Soo...I found that they are holding a class this Saturday at another studio that I will be able to attend! So excited!!

Even better is that two other runner chick friends will be there as well as my MOM!
I was telling my mom about how much I'm loving the yoga and that she should try it some time. And she just texted me and said she is in for Saturday. I am so stoked about this. I hope she doesn't hate it.

I did want to tell you that I was able to get up in my own wheel pose for the first time! I started out with assistance like this...
Assisted Wheel Pose
Then was shown how to do it on my own using two blocks instead of holding onto the ankles (if I ever find a pic of that I will show you what I mean if you dont know). Which means I had to push up on my own. You have no idea what an accomplishment that was! But it was kinda funny at first because once I got up...I wasn't quite sure about getting down and crashed on my head. Oops. The second time was MUCH better.

And let's not forget about Bodypump. Meh. That's still how I am feeling about it. Not sure if I will do it anymore or not. Still not loving it and thinking I would be better off with my own lifting. I will decide this coming week about that.

EATS: Well it was Thanksgiving today and we drive to Philly for dinner. No cooking required from me! I am so very thankful for time with my family and the delishious eats! Here is a picture of as many people as I could fit in!
I, however, did not take any pictures of the foods or my plate because they already think I am "weird" for not eating the turkey. They would never let me get away with taking pictures of my plate of food...yet...

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving!



  1. Wheel pose is my favorite! After tree pose, that is!

    1. Haha. The tree pose is not my favorite. I always seem to be in a hurricane!

  2. Congratulations on getting into bridge pose! That is so exciting :) I can get up, but I can only do it once (maybe twice) in a class.

    I also found that yoga creates the same sort of "need" as running. What sort of yoga are you practicing?

    1. I am evidently doing Vinsaya. But I was just talking to someone about Bikram and would love to try that too!