Friday, November 16, 2012

Good News. Keep on. Keeping on.

I did end up going to an Ortho guy yesterday and he had very good news for me. The xrays showed that I have very good knees and good cartilage. He was hesitant to diagnose me with ITBS at this time since I have already been rehabbing  it for a month and the pain is now really in my whole knee as apposed to the lateral side.

And since I responded so well to the Medrol Dose Pack initially that says there is some inflammation going on in there. I forget what the diagnosis is but something with inflammation. So he gave me a 30 day supply of Indocin which is basically a continuation of the Medrol Dose Pack but without the steroid.

The stuff is making me really nauseous. Im hoping my body adjusts to it soon. I am taking it with food but it still makes me nauseous. So I read that it can be taken with antacids. I took two TUMS after this last dose and (knock on wood) it seems to be doing the trick.

He also told me to keep rehabbing with what I have already been doing and suggested the use of Kinesio tape to help track the knee while it fully heals.
I hope it looks cool like this....but pink! You know all the cool kids are sporting the stuff these days. And now I will be cool too! Anyhow, I will go in to the PT on Monday for an eval to see what they want to do with me.

RUNS: Oh hey! I did actually run today. About 3.3 miles back and forth from the gym! Pain free after 3 doses of the new med. Or it was just the fact that I snuck those short runs in before the knee could catch on to what I was doing!

GYM: Second class of CXWORX went much better then Tuesday. That planking stuff is super hard! Atleast they have you doing things like drawing circles with your hands to take your mind off of what you are really doing (as well as working out different muscles of course).

Also did YOGA tonight! And guess who came with me???
I am SO sorry I did not get a picture of this. Maybe next time? For some reason I think it would be frowned upon to be taking pictures during maybe not.
He said he liked it. He acted like he liked it. He said he will go back again. Good stuff!

EATS: Breakfast was dry Shredded Wheat with water on the side.

Lunch was exactly what you see here...
Peas. Dip. Peach. Animal Crackers.
Yes. Animal Crackers.
I am such an awesome mom that when my kids were little we would have peaches and animal crackers for lunch often in the summer time. Awesome, I know. Funny how things change. I have not had animal crackers for probably...years. I saw them the other day at the drug store when I went to pick up my med and just had to have them.

I think I am missing my college kid and it brought back memories? Yeah. Thats what I am going with.

Dinner was....
Sauteed Veggies. Over Spaghetti. Topped with Spicy Peanut Sauce & Peanuts.
That makes up for the lunch, right?! Everything in moderation please :-)

Good Luck to all my Ultra Running friends running JFK and Stone Mill this weekend! Kick butt. Have fun. RUN!!!



  1. Animal crackers are actually a pretty good snack!

    1. I never think to eat them but they are one of those things that I cant put down when I get started!