Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another Conestoga run wraps up Week 6!

RUNS: This is actually week 6 wrap up in the training for my 50 miler and I finished out the week with a 10 mile run on the Conestoga trail with some friends on Saturday. We did a group night run there a couple of weeks ago and went back to try it out in the day time! Much hotter and humid this day but spent plenty of time cooling down in the water.

And then 12.5 miles on the Rail Trail with Rik on Sunday. I seem to get myself out on the rail trail every couple of months just to remind myself just how much I dislike it. Good mental training though.

That gives me a solid 54 miles for the week. Most of them were pretty good too. Thank you lower humidity!
Here are some pictures from Saturday. I think we did just as much playing in the water as we did running!
Group pic before the run

Wind Tunnel

Pinnacle Hill Overlook

Sweaty Mess!

Found some water to play in!

This trail is a rocky one.

Another swimming hole!
EATS: Not quite as solid as the runs. Had a tooth pulled on Monday which made for some interesting eating for a couple of days. Here are just a couple pics of the goodies!
Here is my typical breakfast as usual...
Oats, Coconut Almond Milk & Dried Fruit
One of my easier eating dinners from Happy Herbivore...
Aztec Bowl
 Snack! Thanks to Rachael's dad and his garden...
Orange Watermelon
Typical lunches get packed each night. Two fruits in this one! I ate alot of bananas this week because of the mouth so I got to switch it up at the end of the week with some grapes. The CLIF bar and chocolate bar were in my bag all week. The CLIF is still in there and 1/2 of the chocolate bar is gone.
Some snacks I made for after Saturdays run. Banana & Pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips and Quinoa & Berry Salad
Runners goodies!
And my most favorite quick aka fast food meal! It was easy to eat the second night after the tooth getting yanked.
Sweet Baked Beans & Pasta bowl
Not to bad overall. Heres to hoping to post more meals this week! But if not, just know that its because I am out there living my life instead of sitting and writing about it. Peace.

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