Sunday, August 5, 2012

Good Time on Applewine

RUNS: Rest Day

EATS: Umm. Yeah. A whole lot of good stuff including Vodka & Turkey Hill Iced Tea and some kind of shot for Tinas Birthday!

In other words I went to a summer party of a friend and it also happen to be my girl friends Bday. Since it was so humid and supposed to storm, half of the party was in the basement. This is the first sign headed down stairs.
My kind of friends!
Indeed I did use the side door!
A picture of one of my bestest friends and I. Im the one that looks like a boy!!
Shena & I
The party house sits right on the edge of Cousler Park and they were having their "Summer Days" festival which ended with an awesome display of fireworks lasting over 1/2hr.

Or maybe the fireworks were just for us! Idk!
After a few drinks Rik looks like this...
My hubby
And then after a few more he looks a little more like this...
After a few more the dancing starts...

And then after a few more...
Its funny, I dont remember what happens after that. Nor do I know of any pictures.
Ahh...maybe next time!!

GREAT times with GREAT friends!!!

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