Thursday, August 30, 2012

Busy is as busy does.

RUNS: Hooray for drugs! I say that in the most legal way. My new meds seem to be doing their job. I am hesitant to say that but I have been running the same two trail routes trying to gauge how I am feeling now and checking out my paces vs. effort. I think the meds might need to be adjusted a bit yet but I am noticing a HUGE improvement. More so then when I was put on my inhaled steroid in the spring.

Just tonight I ran trail #3 at Lake Redman, which is only about 3.5miles, because I've been sick and just wanted to do a short easy run with Rik. I ran nice and easy. Then when I checked the 'ol Garmin when I was done I noted the pace to be quite fantastic (for me)!

I think I will give it the weekend yet before I call the doc with an update though.
Lake Redman
EATS: I've tried making some new foods this week. I was inspired by my success of eggplant hummus that I decided to try my hand at some other goodies. Now mind you, I am old school in the kitchen so I am kind of limited. I dont have a blender or mixer or any of the other gadgets. My momma taught me to use spoons and my hands. But I do have a food processor for the heavy duty things...such as trying to make a Nutella like spread for my guys. They really like Nutella but I wanted to try something a little bit healthier and cheaper!
Yep. It is in the empty real nutella container. They must like it because it is half gone already! And then for me, I made a peanut butter spread for my apples, celery, etc. Very good stuff! Healthier AND cheaper too!
Nutty Spread
A couple of other dinners this past week or so include...
Spicy Spaghetti Squash

Stir Fry with Peanut Sauce

Noodles & Company
It was the first time we were ever at Noodles & Company so we got two dishes to split and try. The Indonesian Peanut Saute was way to spicy for me. I guess when there is two chili peepers beside the meal on the menu, it does indeed mean it is spicy! But I did love the udon noodles in the Japanese Pan Noodles.

Life has been busy with Colton going back to college. Dakota starting back to school. Family in town for my grandfathers 80th birthday party. Now things will wind down for fall and hopefully that means the temps will also chill a bit so that I can enjoy my upcoming longer runs.


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