Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday is a funday!

RUNS: 5miles around the lakes. Felt great even though my pace was still slow. It seemed like alot of butterflies out today! Atleast three of them ran with me for a bit and I almost caught one in my hand when I reached up to wipe some sweat on my face. I ended up just batting it. How awesome and tranquil out on the  trails today. I really wish I had had my camera.

I wore my headphones today too. I usually save the music for the road runs but decided to take them out on the run today. I now have the bright idea that I am going to wear them more frequently to drown out my breathing! I think my runs are better when I cant hear my breathing. It seems like my RPE is lower as well. I dont know...just the latest thing I am going to try.

EATS: Breakfast was a Vanilla Pear Muffin that I made yesterday.
Dinner was a wrap made on a Lavash Flat Bread. Rik cooked up some Trader Joes Vegetable Masala Burgers. Breaking them up as the cooked. Then added the Broccoli slaw for the last couple of minutes just to soften them. Meanwhile we put a whole bunch of my homemade Eggplant Hummus on the flat bread. Added the burger and slaw mix. Roll up. Eat and enjoy! Rik added Sriracha Sauce to his but mine was fine without. I just added some watermelon on the side!
Dinner ingredients
Good Eats
Lunch tonight is pretty simple. Amande yogurt with muesli. Peach. Carrots & dip. Black Bean Brownie for dessert.

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