Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rocky Ridge again today!

RUNS: 8.3M around Rocky Ridge again this morning. This time with Sue. The temps werent bad but oh man was it humid. 90%! We usually run together once a week in the am and the past two weeks have been at RR. Next week will be somewhere else!

EATS: After the run I had a couple of pretzels and lemonade. Showered and went to sleep!
When I got up I was STARVING! Peanut Butter always helps with that. So I put some on a Coco and a little chocolate chips to make it delish. Add an apple and some tea and it becomes a complete meal!
It is too hot to use the oven for dinner today and Rik thought we should go out to eat somewhere but we couldnt decide on where OR what we were hungry for. So we checked out the fridge and I went with something quick and easy on the stove top. Even that was still a little warm. But no worries, we ate out on the shaded deck and there was a nice breeze. Dinner was Sweet Potato Gnocchi with shredded Brussels Sprouts & Mushrooms. Watermelon. Tea. Sorry the picture is a little "orange". Our table is covered with a big orange umbrella!
Of course, after that we sat on the deck for a bit and then came back in to clean up and pack lunches. If you cant tell already...I really like dips and dipping things! Tonight I packed two dips! Hummus and pita chips. Carrots and dip. Banana. Fig Newtons for something sweet.
Yes. For us night shifters...lunch comes after dinner ;-)
I have a feeling that I will add something else to eat yet for the day...just dont know what!

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