Friday, August 3, 2012

Its Friday!! California Tortilla time!

RUNS: 7 miles in East York around Stonewood Farms. It was 93% humidity again this morning and I felt it with every breath. I had the bright idea to wait to use my inhaler until I needed it instead of before running like usual to see if I could really tell a difference. Oh I could tell a difference all right! I could breath! And then came the cramping diaphragm, burping and chest pain. The chest pain stopped as soon as I walked but the cramping continued for several hours! I wont do that again...until after I see the doctor soon. So my run today was pretty much a run/walk. I usually can do under 10mm on a good day for this loop and 10:30 on a bad today. Today averaged 12mm. Yeahhhh.....

EATS: Lets move along to the eats! I did end up eating some of these little buggers last night. I have a Swedish Fish problem. Some times it better then others. My "win" is that I got the small bag instead of the big one!

After my run I simply had a banana and water.

When I got up I knew I was hungry but didnt want to eat much because I knew we were going out for dinner. So I had a Coco with peanut butter and chocolate chips. But when I got in the fridge for my tea and tea and almond milk, I saw the watermelon. So I had some of that too!

Later we went out to California Tortilla. I was looking forward to a No-meato burrito but couldnt decide between burrito or bowl. Problem solved when I walked in the door and saw that they still had the Caribbean Mango Burrito! I had had this before but the said it was a special short term thing so didnt expect it to still be offered. It is awesome! I got it as a burrito. It includes the tortilla, salad greens, mango salsa, black beans, mexican rice, avocado and I think a mango sauce. Do you know hard it is to take a picture of a burrito that looks decent?! Haha.
Here is a close up:
Caribbean Mango Burrito
And another shot of all the good stuff:
California Tortilla
After we were done our shopping we head home and I quick made up some Chocolate Chip Cookies with walnuts. All in the name of Chocolate Chip day tomorrow! Im sure between the four of us they will be gone tonight and I will infact need to make more tomorrow.
Chocolate Chip cookies w/ walnuts
That is it for today. It is a little light but I dont work tonight so no need for a lunch. I will sleep instead and make up for it tomorrow with more food, especially since it is a rest day.
Rest=Eat for this girl.

Happy Trails.

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