Sunday, August 5, 2012

Gunpowder Falls 11M Race Report & Pool Party

RUNS: 11 mile race around Gunpowder Falls @ Bunker Hill in Maryland.

What a good time this was. Baltimore Road Runners put on this little race for $6. We drove down early and met up with Chad and Brian. After we signed in, Suk & I walked down the big hill to the bathrooms. On the way back up I already was wheezing...great. Took my inhaler awhile and by the time the race started at 8:30 it was already hot and humid.

Anyhow, we all took off and I was running along quiet well. I was breathing hard but not to bad. Lots of little hills in the first mile and then it opens up to an uphill double track for about another mile before hitting some more of the nice singles...winding down, up and around. A couple of very small creek crossing that you were able to keep your feet dry if you really wanted to. Finally across a bridge to the other side of the creek for some flat running. I could tell a HUGE difference in my breathing once I got to run down along side the water. It must have just really brought that humidity down along there. I felt great.

Then you cross the larger Gunpowder Falls creek/river (not sure which it is considered) which was up to my knees. I am getting so good at these water crossings! No fear at all today! Then a couple hundred feet of paved path back up the big hill to the start of the second loop. When I got up there I realized that I was the last one that was headed out for a second loop and a super nice guy was headed out to run it and offered to run with me.

I warned Tom that I dont talk much when running because of my asthma and he was okay with that. He was also okay with running my pace. Come to find out that is because he just ran a 24hr race the previous weekend! We ran the entire loop together and I met a new friend. We actually did alot of talking about how cool trail runners/running are and how ultras take that to an even higher level of awesomeness. The whole environment.

The entire race was fun. The trails were well marked. And the trails themselves were awesome single track which I love. Cant wait to go back down in September to do the 50k!!

EATS: So after the race we went to my parents for a Crab/Pool Party. My mom was just super excited when I got there to show me all of the veg friendly foods she had for us! Not only are Rik & I veg but so are my brother and his wife who were there (they all eat fish but me). I think I took a picture of everything she had available except for the Mac & Cheese and some basics-chips, veggies, dip, hummus, etc. She was most proud of the Vegetarian Tacos! And they really were delicious and she even ate one herself and was surprised how much she liked it...with sour cream on of course.  Thanks mom!!
Vegetarian Tacos
Basic Baked Beans


Angel food Cake w/PB icing
My nephew and niece (Aden & Arysta) playing in the pool with friends before the storm which came after we had plenty of time for fun and food!

We hung out for a bit inside watching some of the Olympics with everyone before we gathered up leftovers and headed home. What a great day with friends and family. This is what life is about. Wish everyday could be like this! Instead I will enjoy them when they come :-)


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  1. That whole crossing creeks thing would be enough to keep me from ever being a trail runner. lol I have a conniption when I just step in a drop of water in the kitchen. I hate getting my feet wet!!!!

    Those veggie tacos look awesome!