Tuesday, October 23, 2012


So I finally went to the gym today for the first time in YEARS. My body decided that it wasnt happy with all the running I am doing and that I needed to help it out by building some accessory muscles! So here I go! It was kinda like the first day of school. I was excited but didnt want to go...all at the same time.
First Day!
I also hope that this picture serves as a before picture and in a couple of months I will be able to show off my muscles and you will be able to see a difference. Thats the hope anyhow. (I did take a couple more so that you will be able to see all the muscles for different angles...oh yeah!)

I started out with a warm up on the elliptical...except they dont call it an elliptical...and I dont remember what the lady did say it was called. I obviously need to learn how to take pictures while bobbing up and down on the thing! It was nice. I got to check in on facebook while on it, haha.
Elliptical-like Machine
Then I headed over to the weights. I kept everything pretty light today so that I could just get back into the grove of it all. I only did the machines today. I will move to the free weights next time. I kind of just went around trying different things out. But I tell you what, it actually felt pretty darn good to work out those muscles! I was very pleasantly surprised!

I finished it up with 10mins on the treadmill and 10mins on the elliptical. I liked the elliptical but the treadmill just made me depressed. It made me want to go outside and run. Sigh...tomorrow.

I really hope I like this gym. It is between by home and work which makes it perfect to stop at before or after. And even better would be that I could stop in the morning on my run commute home. That would be ideal for sure! I could stop in and do what I need to do and get the heck out.

EATS: Breakfast was Shredded Wheat cereal and a Banana. Yes, I eat my shredded wheat plain. No milk. I do have a huge glass of water on the side though!
PLAIN Shredded Wheat
Check out the new thing I got to slice my cukes for lunches! I think it is considered a mandolin type thing. All I know is that is slices all my veggies to the same diameter very quickly. And it was fun to use. Love it!
I added those to the lunches along with celery, carrots and dip. Also gotta have my pita chips and hummus! A whole lotta dipping going on with this lunch. Clementines and Fig Newtons to make it a complete meal.
Lunch for work.
After my awesome workout at the gym I needed some serious refueling goodness for dinner. Enter Mexican Tricolor Peppers. Quick. Easy. Tasty.
Mexican Tricolor Peppers
Serves 4.

1 cup each Red, Yellow, Green bell peppers sliced thin
1 can Black Beans, rinsed
1/2 container prepared Mango Salsa
1 can Diced Pineapples, drained
2 cups Brown Rice.

Prepare Brown Rice per directions.

Saute bell peppers in pan.

Once soft add black beans and mango salsa until warmed.

Serve over rice and top with diced pineapples.

Optional toppings include Soy sauce, Sweet Chili sauce, etc.


Let us not forget a favorite sweet snack of Coco with peanut butter and mini chocolate chips for dessert...


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