Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First VeganMoFo Post!

RUNS: Got to run with Rik again today. Im kinda liking that he has started these two-a-days because now he can run his second run with me and I dont have to feel so bad about slowing him down. 7.5 miles.

We explored a new trail today. It is actually in a small park off of the lake trails that we normally run but we usually just pass by saying, "Oh, thats just Nixon park". Well today we ran a couple of those trails and it was a pleasant surprise indeed! Not only were they beautiful trails but they were hilly too. Just like the rest of the trails in that area.

Here is a picture of a wooden bridge and walkway that we went over...
Nixon Park
EATS: Oh wow. I want to tell you about something we made over the weekend...Vegan Buffalo Wings.

Rik has been veg now for about 6 months and while he doesnt really say that he misses any meats...I know how much he used to like his hot wings. Him and the boys would occasionally by a bucketful and eat them up together. Hot sauce all over their face and hands. It was kind of a special thing for them.

I've read that its not really the meat that one misses but more so the tastes of the spices and related experiences that go along with it. Sooo...I saw the recipe for the vegan buffalo "wings" made with hot sauce and either tempeh or cauliflower and knew instantly that I wanted to make some for him! We love both tempeh and cauliflower so I decided to make both!

We actually ended up making two batches. The first one was with a hot sauce that we picked up and it was WAY to hot. You know its hot if Rik cant eat it, lol. He ran up to the store for a more mild sauce while I got the batter ready. The second batch was thankfully MUCH better! I really like tempeh but would have to say that the cauliflower tasted better here.
 I cut them into bite size pieces so that the tempeh and cauliflower would cook at about the same rate. And although they were good, I will make them into more of a strip the next time for a more authentic look.
Vegan Buffalo "Wings"
Rik really did seem to enjoy them. He even talked about what we could/would do differently next time (thats always a good sign)! Dakota would not try them on this day. Maybe next time...

I did want to mention that today is the first day of VeganMoFo (Vegan Month of Food)!! I will be participating for the first time this year and am excited to be a part of it. My goal is to post 20 times this month which may be a stretch since I have only done 11 entries in each of the past two months since I've changed this blog from just running to food and running. Wish me luck!!!


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  1. YAY, happy Vegan MoFo! I'm so glad you're joining in the fun. These cauliflower buffalo wings sound like a winner! I can't wait to try them.