Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Stacey On a Roll

RUNS: Last week was the week of 3's and all went well. So that means this is now the week of 4's! That starts tomorrow if I am able to get out from under Sandy's winds. Fingers crossed!

GYM: Been really enjoying the gym. Loving the muscle soreness that comes from a good workout and hoping that it is all good towards my RUNNING!!

I've done a couple of the AB machines at the gym and they were okay. But today I did Prone Jackknife and it was so awesome. I felt it in my hips, abs, everywhere! Good stuff.
Prone Jackknife
And I am excited to say that I was able to do 30 Lateral Leg Raises on each side today which means I can now add some resistance (with a band) next time. Funny how these little things make me so excited these days :-)

EATS: Packed Lunches as usual...

Above in the small round container is the Chopped Veggie Salad from Trader Joes. Love that stuff! Seriously, all it is is a bunch of chopped up veggies and yet it tastes SO much better then if I would chop them myself. Why does it work like that?!

How about a quick dinner of Crispy Gnocchi with Brussels Sprouts & Mushrooms made this time with mini gnocchi!
Gnocchi and Shredded Brussels Sprouts
Its pretty easy to make. Just saute about a pound of gnocchi in a pan with another pound of sliced mushrooms and a half pound of shredded brussels sprouts in some EVOO. Add some garlic and any other spices you think would work. I tossed in some toasted pine nuts at the end.

I wasnt sure about the mini gnocchi but they actually worked really well!

For dessert I made a hurricane friendly Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Icing and Sprinkles.

Please dont ask me to share. The boys will have it gone by the end of the night for sure.

Hope everyone on the East Coast rides out this storm without much damage. Im just happy to still have power. We'll see how long it lasts.


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  1. Good for you for hitting the gym! I've been so grateful to have access to strength- and cross-training stuff this past week, too! Hope you're on the road to recovery... and hope that I'm not far behind you!