Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tempeh BLT Sandwiches

RUNS: 7 miles around, up and down the trails at Rocky Ridge. 80degrees and humid. In October. Where did fall go :(

The run was okay. My legs are tired after three decent runs in a row. Rest day tomorrow.

Im still on the fence about running Blues Cruise this weekend. I am still having some pain with the ITB and I am just not sure if it is wise to run 31 miles on it.

EATS: I switched it up this morning and went with some oatmeal pancakes and maple syrup. I was hungry for something sweet.
Packed lunch included the Sufferin' Succotash again. Celery and dip. Apple and Pumpkin Hummus. Let me just tell you how yummy this hummus is! I have never been a big fan of pumpkin. Not even pumpkin pies. Then last year I made some kind of dessert with pumpkin in for Colton and he really liked it so I ended up making it several times and actually starting liking it myself. So this year I am trying more things pumpkin...and loving them. Funny how tastes change.
I made a dinner for my guys that I think you will like too...a BLT! No not with bacon but with tempeh that I added spices to and baked it to give it a baconish flavor.

Another thing I was never really fond of was bacon. I did like the flavor of it just not the nasty chewiness of it  (and you know the rest). The guys liked bacon and I love tempeh. So when I saw this recipe to make tempeh bacon I knew this was a must try! Adding it to a BLT was something familiar to them. I gave it a go.

You can find the recipe here. The only thing I did differently was to decrease the liquid smoke to 2 tsp just because it smelled so strong that I was afraid the taste would be to strong as well. The next time I may increase the maple syrup though!
Smoky Maple Tempeh BLT
This sandwich was really good! Dakota even liked it. I was shocked! I think I have found that the secret to getting your teen to eat different things (and hopefully like them) is to not feed them dinner until REALLY late. And they are staving. And will eat (almost) anything.

Now I just wonder if I can get Colton to try it when he comes home on break from college!

How do you get your picky kids and/or family members to try new eats?


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