Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Running in the rain.

RUNS: Okay. So I didnt actually run in the rain. It stopped by the time I got to the trails. But I did run 5 miles around the lake again today right after it got done raining. Lucky me. It was glorious! Well, all except for my stinkin' ITB that has been bugging me for the past week or so now.

We ran the same trails as yesterday but not the new ones around Nixon. When we got home, Rik downloaded his Garmin and it showed that those new trails DOUBLED the elevation. Holy moly! I thought those hills were big.

EATS: I am not even going to bore you with my breakfasts because it has been a 1/2 Clif bar and fruit for the past couple of days. I used to eat Clif bars alot. Then quit eating them all together. And am now back to loving them again. Go figure! I dont know whats up with the HALF Clif bar either. Like I cant eat the whole thing at one time for some reason...thats just wrong.

Lunches. Lunches. They have been somewhat different. No dips yet this week!

Instead I had some Avocado Summer Rolls that I get from Wegmans already made. Then washed that down with some kind of Pumpkin Pecan Cake that my little guys' grandmother made over the weekend.
*If you are new here...I work as a night shift pediatric nurse. So my little guy is my work ;-)
Avocado Summer Rolls
This cake was so awesome. I only had one piece...but wanted more! Im kinda proud of myself for stopping at one. Thank you very much!
Pumpkin Pecan Yellow Cake
Tonight was a Green Salad with dressing and Sufferin' Succotash Salad. Nuts. Grapes. Fig Newtons.
Dinners include a restaurant Roasted Veggie Flaxseed Wrap with fries.

Another evening at home we also whipped together a Veggie Stir-fry made with two different Trader Joes frozen veggie mixes. Thats what happens when you cant decide which one to make. Mix them up and make both (how else do you get twenty different vegetables in one stir-fry?! Served over brown rice. Easy Peasy.
Veggie Stir-Fry over Brown Rice
And yes. I DID add more veggies to the pile after the picture.

Looks like another chance of rain tomorrow and another run in the rain, which is okay with me because I do run well in the rain.

Do you run in the rain?


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