Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy Veggieversary!!

RUNS: I finally ran today!! It was a beautiful 3.5 miles. Its been a week since the long run ITB/knee pain thing. And the run was good! Of course I still have plenty of Prednisone flowing through my blood, since I took my last dose this morining, so its a good thing I felt no pain or that would have been a very bad sign.

I was going to wait until Monday for this run but it was such a beautiful weekend and everyone was posting about their runs on facebook that I just couldnt wait any longer. Except, my calves didnt get the memo about the date change. Oh my they were sore! Actually my whole body felt heavy and tight. Hate not running for that long.
Rocky Ridge
You can tell that the above picture is of a new trail because of the orange flags marking where they were to build it. Its actually just a very small section that had to be rerouted from another trail.

Tomorrow starts my weight/strength training.

EATS: This month marks my husbands 6 month veggieversary!! How cool is that! I think it is even cooler how easy it has been for him. He has even found many things to cook on his grill as I think that was the one thing he thought he would miss the most...grilling. We have even found a good replacement for hot wings.

Lucky him...he has even lost about 10lbs in the past 6 months. Here is styling our 17yo sons clothes because, well, he can ;-)
He has even started to switch out his after run chocolate milk with chocolate soy or almond milk. He has no problem drinking regular milk but I am happy for these little changes!
Post run Chocolate Soy Milk Recovery Drink
I think the switch has been fairly easy for him because he really does eat just about anything. We are lucky to love beans, veggies and fruits in this house. I asked him what his favorite vegetarian dish is but he couldnt tell me because he said that we have been eating so many new dishes the past couple of months that we havent had very many things twice lately, haha.

Happy Veggieversary!!!


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